The Worry Jar

     Once upon a time, there was a boy named Aaron, who worried about EVERYTHING! It started as soon as he woke up and filled his dreams throughout the night. All through the school day, Aaron worried. 

     The teacher noticed and knew she had to do something to help Aaron. So she did. She made him a Worry Jar, a safe place for him to keep the things that caused him this anxiety. They sat down together and talked over lunch. The teacher showed him how to use his Worry Jar. 

     Aaron followed the plan and after some time, he was able to keep his mind clear when the worry was safely in the jar. Aaron not only found The Worry Jar helpful himself, but he was able to share the idea with his friends. They were surprised to see that every one of them was dealing with their own kind of anxiety and stress. 

     The story of Aaron and The Worry Jar was about to turn a full circle when there came a worry that caused Aaron to return the jar to back to his teacher. 


     The book Go Away Worries, tells the story of Aaron, his teacher and The Worry Jar. After reading the book, children will walk away with a method of harnessing their anxiety. 


Along Came The Worry Jar

     Go Away Worries was such a hit with parents and teachers that requests came in for a picture book version for younger children. The Worry Jar was now a character in the story and would teach the children how to keep their worries away. Along the way, The Worry Jar meets three worried kids that are all facing something they are either worried or afraid about.

     Not to fear because The Worry Jar will teach them to put their worries in the jar. Kids will learn to replace their anxiety or fear with the words, "Worries, worries in the jar. I can do it!"


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