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About the book Go Away Worries...

  “A wonderful book to equip children and adults with a simple and concrete way to deal with worries. With the ever-growing stressors children face today, Michelle. White’s, Go Away Worries!, is a must-have for educators, parents, and children alike.” ~Carlos Carmona, Nationally Certified School Psychologist

“One teacher touched and changed my early education years in a way none before her were able to do. Michelle White was the teacher who recognized my learning needs and found the way to overcome them with a simple solution—a worry jar. I highly recommend Go Away Worries! as it demonstrates the struggles I faced daily and how I learned to deal with them. You also get to see how the solution offered to me was turned around and used to help Dr. White when she faced struggles of her own.” ~Aaron, age twenty-two

“My worry jar is filled, and I am thrilled! With all of the worries that come with high school, I am so glad that I read this book. I definitely see a change in coping with all of the worries that occur in my busy life. Worry jar, all the way!” ~Madison, age fifteen

“For anyone who worries, this book is for you. It installs character and strength in anyone who turns the pages.” ~Cynthia R . Geesey, Retired Elementary School Principal

“This year I’ll be in the middle school and have worries about going to the bigger building, meeting new friends, and meeting new teachers. After reading Go Away Worries! I made a worry jar and started to fill it up. I started to feel better right away and liked using the words ‘Worries, worries in the jar’. I can’t wait to tell my friends because it will help them worry less, too.” ~Taylor, age eleven

“Worry is something that kids struggle with, struggle to understand, and struggle to tell others about. Just like Caleb, kids don’t want to be seen as different or strange. This book does a great job of normalizing worry and also giving a great option in how to effectively deal with it, for people of all ages. It is useful as a resource for parents, educators, and mental health professionals.” ~Angi Strickler, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“Our children need the human interaction and strategies to be able to cope with a culture of accountability, competition, and loneliness. Go Away Worries! is a wonderful and realistic start to creating a lifestyle for a healthier approach to life’s smaller and larger challenges. This story and in particular, this strategy, would be applicable and relevant to students of all ages.” ~Joseph V. Kristobak, Jr., Ed.D., Retired Superintendent

“Go Away Worries! is an excellent teaching tool! As a teacher, I see it daily; kids are full of worries. Worry effects them both academically and socially. Go Away Worries! helps them to find a way to deal with their worries. It's easy for them to relate to the characters in the story. Reading this book as a read aloud is a great classroom discussion starter! ‘Worries, worries in jar’ will become a productive part of your classroom language!” ~Elaine Dietz, Kindergarten Teacher

“Reading Go Away Worries! with my daughter was a great discussion starter to help her understand how to deal with worrying. She was able to identify with the characters in the book. Coming from a family of worriers, I wish I would have had a worry jar to help with my own worrying. So now when she has a worry, she puts it into her bedazzled Worry Jar and it makes her feel worry free. When my children are worry free, I’m worry free!” ~Jen Brightbill, Taylor’s mom

“Worry is one of many ways we dip into our mental and emotional buckets. Michelle White's engaging book, Go Away Worries!, is based on sound principles of emotional intelligence. The story of Caleb gives young readers a proven method for overcoming the habit of worrying. Conquering worry enables anyone—children or adults—to live happier and more productive lives.” ~Carol McCloud, author, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

“Un libro maravilloso para equipar a los niños y adultos con una forma simple y concreta para manejar las preocupaciones. El libro escrito por la Dra. White, titulado Go Away Worries! es una herramienta imprescindible para educadores, padres y niños porque muchos niños viven más y más en ambientes llenos de estreses.”~Carlos Carmona, psicólogo escolar

“I believe that all kids worry each day about situations in their lives. Some worries are little and some are tragic. Some kids have a few worries and some kids have countless worries. Go Away Worries! is a fantastic tool for kids to set aside their worries and then concentrate on being the best they can be each day in school and at home!” ~Chuck Kindt, Retired Principal

This review is from: Go Away Worries!: Put Them in the Worry Jar (Paperback)  "Wow! I bought Go Away Worries, thinking it would be a good story for my classroom. Not only was it a hit at school, but I started using a Worry Jar and passed it along to my friends and family. It works for me! I learned to repeat the words to keep myself from getting anxious. Several of my friends and colleagues said the same. There are many books about worrying on the market, but this one by far is the BEST! The author has captured audiences of every age. It can be used in classrooms K-12 and in households everywhere. In today's society, more and more people are dealing with anxiety and worry. Now there is a tool for families to talk about worries together. I know we started one in our house. If you are hesitant in any way about purchasing a copy, don't be. You'll be glad you did. Worries, worries, in the jar!"